Most Beautiful Car of the Year : draw winner 2021

Most Beautiful Car of the Year : draw winner 2021

After more than 100,000 votes in our election for the “Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2021”, the winner of the €30,000 car donated by Mercedes, the winning manufacturer, is a 33 years old woman who lives in Beaumont-Hague in the Cotentin region!

Congratulations to Charline Dorée !

But how did she vote ? During a confined weekend in December, Charline watches a report on those who make and win competitions. So, she researched on the internet and came across a site that lists the contests of the moment.

There, Charline discovered our election and decided to vote. She chose Mercedes GLA, because she liked it the most, even if she tells  that she is not very found of cars. Then she forgot all about it… for weeks.

On Monday February 1st, Charline receives a picture of her husband telling her that he has just found a four-leaf clover. As she has also one in her wallet for years, she told him “You’ll see, somthing lucky will happen “.

On Wednesday 3 February, Charline is contacted by the International Automobile Festival to announce that she is the winner of the €30,000 car offered by Mercedes, the winning manufacturer. Faced with this surprise call, she answers “You’re not playing a joke on me?” in view of all the scams circulating on the internet.

It wasn’t a joke, CHARLINE IS THE WINNER! She confides to us “I wasn’t expecting it at all! I was at work and I cried a lot! I warned all my colleagues who were surprised to see me like that!” Then she contacted her husband and told him that the 4-leaf clover had brought them good luck!

She also tells us, “Afterwards, I didn’t sleep very well, I couldn’t believe it! It’s disconcerting, I’ve  never had any luck, it’s the most beautiful gift I’ve ever had, I’m delighted!”.

Congratulations to Charline, a happy winner in the Cotentin region, and a big thank you to you for voting! Next appointment, at the beginning of December for the election of the “Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2022”. In the meantime, we wish you a good luck !