Alfa Romeo GIULIA

Alfa Romeo GIULIA

Alfa Romeo has always taken a unique and original approach to design its vehicles. Each model is a convergence point between design and passion, and between high technology and search for emotion.

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia is no exception to that rule.
Its appearance, unique and highly recognizable thanks to the famous « Trilobo », allies an athletic and simple look, a formal balance, harmonious surfaces and a great efficiency conferring Giulia a 0.25 aerodynamic coefficient (Cd), the best of its category. Alfa Romeo Giulia has also been conceived to combine aestheticism and functionality, with a perfect weight distribution (50/50)for an optimum driving pleasure.

The interior of Giulia distinguishes itself by the combination of materials, carefully selected for a perfect harmony with Giulia’s personality and the crafted finish that only Italian style can provide.


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