Honda e, this is not a prototype

The Honda e, Honda’s first electric vehicle rewrites the aesthetic codes of the urban segment while reinterpreting the brand’s heritage. Designed without compromise, it is characterised by its clean and simple design giving it a unique and neo-retro stance.

Black panels with unique concave profiles – located at the front and rear between the lights – are defining design motifs of Honda e. Exacting attention to detail is evident in the round light clusters which enhance the overall simple, clean design and help define the ‘human face’ of the car. The circular lamp design is a modern interpretation of classic lamp styles from the first Honda Civic. Which also inspired the Honda e’s curves emphasised by the flared wheel arches and its low stance that lends a sporty dynamic accent to the simple, clean exterior design.

The contours extend from the bonnet to the panoramic windscreen and stepless A-pillars that sit virtually flush with the glass, creating a frameless window appearance that accentuates the modern, clean flanks of the body. The positioning of the compact side-cameras eliminates the need for channel lines to divert air flow and rainwater away from the side of the car contributing again to the car minimalistic design and aerodynamics.

The uncluttered profile and efficient aerodynamism is also facilitated by the front flush door handles, the rear integrated door handles and the antennas hidden in the rear window. All evidence that function and form can be achieved without compromise.

Finally, the Honda e charging port, concealed by a tinted glass cover, is integrated centrally in the bonnet, providing easy access from the front of the car or from either side. It also recalls the air intakes from the brand’s sportiest models, underlining the dynamism of this all-electric rear wheel driven hatch.


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