New Mercedes Classe A

New Mercedes Classe A

“Hey Mercedes”, what makes the new Class A so attractive? From its design marked with purity and with a certain sensuality is immediately born a profound emotion. His drawing begins with a bow in the driving hood plunging towards lighthouses to flat LED and fires in the shape of torch. His new railing of radiator grill decorated with the star if flared downward whereas his widened passages of wheels underlines his sportsmanship. The greater serif and the subtle fold running on his side side lengthen visually its silhouette. In the back, his watermarked fires stopped conferring as for them on the new Class A an almost magnetic presence. Wider, more spacious and more exclusive than never, she is going to make live too a real technological revolution and an extraordinary emotional experience. But most great emotions do not tell, they live.


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2018 CANDIDATES, Mercedes Classe A