Mercedes Benz CLA Coupé – ELIMINED

Mercedes Benz CLA Coupé – ELIMINED

The new CLA Coupe immediately seduces with its sleek and sporty design. This 4-door coupe takes the ‘sensual purity’ of Mercedes-Benz design to a new level. Perfectly proportioned, it is as imagined in its first design sketches.

The combination of the sweep of the high beltline and frameless doors gives the CLA Coupe its dynamic and elegant personality. The interior embodies high-tech and avant-garde. With its famous ‘Hey Mercedes’, the star brand has revolutionised how the driver controls and communicates with their car, overturning established norms.

The CLA is equipped with the latest version of the system which is capable of understanding difficult questions and providing quick answers in line with Mercedes ‘The Best or nothing’ policy.

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