Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208

In a B segment tending towards ever greater standardisation to the detriment of ideas such as pleasure and youth, the PEUGEOT brand is emerging and appealing with the new PEUGEOT 208. Perfectly in line with PEUGEOT’s move upmarket, this new generation of PEUGEOT 208 stands out thanks to its sharp design, injecting both youth and energy. The new PEUGEOT 208 is innovative with a new generation of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit© with 3D head-up combination and a range of driving aids from the upper segments. Since automotive uses are changing rapidly and since the energy transition is a real opportunity, the new PEUGEOT 208 will be offered from launch with three possible types of energy: electric, gasoline or diesel. The choice of silhouette does not determine how you use it.

Longer, wider and lower than the current PEUGEOT 208, this new generation embraces a distinctive silhouette conveying sportiness with its taut and pure lines. The width of its wings and the scale of its bodywork models give it an assertive sensuality. From the side, the new PEUGEOT 208’s windscreen is pushed back for a longer sculpted bonnet. Recognisable at first glance, the front panel skilfully combines the visual signature of the new PEUGEOT 508 in the lower part with a 3 claw light signature in the Full LED headlamps (depending on the version). Much like the latest PEUGEOTs, the rear side of the new PEUGEOT 208 is characterised by a black band running over the entire width of the tailgate and connecting three-clawed lights (lit up both day and night). The new PEUGEOT e-208 is equipped with external signs that can be recognised at a glance:

  • a radiator grill in the same colour as the bodywork,
  • Dichroic Lions (a process that changes colour depending on the angle),

an “e-208” monogram at the rear and “e” lettering on the rear wings.

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