The Festival has always aimed to help students to get into the professional automotive design world.
Therefore, since 2013, the Young Designer Awards was created for all students from international design schools.
So far, one of the world’s largest design competition for students, it proposes each year a theme on exterior and interior car design.
The winner have a 2000 € check. 



Interior design : « Exalted with time »

Users demand high constant quality and manufacturers work on quickly renewing their model which makes previous generation right away obsolete(planned obsolescence).This represents a real paradox…
How could a vehicle interior worn from usual everyday usage could be enhanced with time? How could car makers use localmaterial accordinglyto locationof users?
Imagine, design a vehicle interior which would be exalted with time.
It will be necessary in this project to go beyond the simple ware of materials and show ideas in which users would take new opportunities from this wear and tear to imagine new usages. Wear and tear of natural fabric or materialbut also chemicalreactionon metal(corrosion) could be taken into accountin this project.

Loane Rogliardo
Creapole (France)

Exterior design : « Zero Waste »

Automobile industry from the early years faced cost issues motivatedby increasing production volumes and consequently sale volumes.
American car maker Ford was pioneer in the 1920’s in standardized mass production cars but all other major manufacturers followed the same path driven by costreduction.
Even the slightest detail, insignificant on a single car represents a lot when duplicated in millions. Technology has historically been driven by engineering team but designers are nowadays more and more directly linked with innovation and new technologies.
Environmental régulations impact industry at all levels from manufacturing to destruction and recycling.
What if we all started over from scratch? Your work will be based on designing an innovative,modernand elegant car body focused on cost reduction (materials,manufacturingprocess,etc.).
You must think global: design / manufacturing/ usages/ recycling -Imagine car bodies designed as kits (similar to an Ikea piece of furniture) -Image a car body kept bare (without any finish, paint or clear coat) -Image a car body with symmetricalpanels (Front/Rear – Right-Left) -Imagine for instancea door panel with all components integrated in a single mold.

Jules Heslouin, Antony Monnoyeur

Strate, Ecole de Design (France)