The Festival has always aimed to help students to get into the professional automotive design world.
Therefore, since 2013, the Young Designer Awards was created for all students from international design schools.
So far, one of the world’s largest design competition for students, it proposes each year a theme on exterior and interior car design.


Interior Design : « Smart Cocoon »


The Covid-19 global health crisis deeply upset the entire planet for several months. All sectors of economic activity and the daily life of billions of people have been affected. The confinement of populations has undoubtedly been the decision influencing the most the daily life of people depriving them of fundamental freedoms. Hundreds of millions of vehicles were immobilized for weeks or even months, no longer serving any purpose. This waste was occurring at the same time as a large part of the population was forced to live confined in a sometimes cramped space with little privacy.

Even if the vocation of a car is to move around, it offers a comfortable living space, isolated from the outside world, that can be used for life sequences, sheltered and represents a protective cell. Embedded technology offers multiple opportunities for communication and entertainment (audio, video and even educational). A car interior alone can represent real opportunities: -Working, teleconferencing, isolated without sharing the intimacy of one’s home -Distraction, listening to music “at full volume” -Getting “intimately”, away from children…or parents -Educate… school in the car.

What if a car interior could simply adapt to a “stationary” mode? Imagine the button/”immobilized” mode. -Electrically connected vehicle – “Enlarged” living area, free of superfluous items (e.g. retractable steering wheel) – Modular arrangement according to use – Adjustment of window opacity

The starting point should be the usage scenario with the immobilization of the vehicle. It will be important to come up with credible ideas without falling into caricatures of modular motorhomes. The dimensions and available volume must be credible, close to ordinary vehicles.

Imagine an optimistic world where the individual vehicle, in addition to being the most flexible and versatile mode of transport, can be used in everyday life even when stationary as a space for play, relaxation or work.

Zyyang Liu and Kim Tapio

Exterior Design : « Small little simple pleasures of life »


The Covid-19 global health crisis deeply upset the entire planet for several months. All sectors of economic activity and the daily life of billions of people have been affected. It is very likely that everything will not return to exactly “as before”. The scale and duration of this crisis will certainly change many things and has above all highlighted an extreme vulnerability of our economic model and in particular a probable challenge to excessive globalization. In many countries, a confinement of several weeks or even months has been imposed on the population. These decisions, which are indispensable in the fight against the pandemic, have directly affected the daily lives of billions of people, depriving them of certain individual freedoms.

The end of the confinement suddenly gave back to everyone an individual freedom that had been put on hold for many weeks: to go out, to walk, to stroll. An indescribable happiness suddenly invaded hundreds of millions of people: “The joy of rediscovering the simple pleasures of life”. The car, which has always symbolized individual freedom, suddenly found its primary vocation: to move freely!

Imagine, conceive, design the vehicle of the world according to Covid-19, more humble, more essential, simpler. How can the design of a vehicle evoke, suggest pure, innocent and reassuring simplicity? -In its style, its formal language -In its design, architecture, perhaps by returning to the essential -In its uses (use scenarios)

There will be no forgetting environmental, ergonomic or safety issues, or drawing a cartoon of an essential vehicle. Styling qualities will be important but the design will have to be understandable, simple and reassuring for users.

Guillaume Boué-Raguet
“Breathe Concept”