Discover an hyper car 100% french …

Discover an hyper car 100% french …

A dream come true
3 years that 16 enthusiasts have dreamed of a crazy project: to create a 100% French hypercar ayant, with the least possible impact on the environment. Today, these enthusiasts are proud to present the Vision 1789, one of the first thermal hypercars running on bio-methane. With this 1789, they want to highlight the “shadow actors” of the French automotive industry.

The genesis of Vision
VISION was born in Paris, a symbiosis of two minds driven by the passion for exceptional vehicles and the history of motorsport. Noting the desire to obtain ever more unique objects, the idea of ​​reviving the car tailor seems obvious to us today. Founded by two friends, VISION aims to restore prestige to the French prestige automobile.

A unique brand
VISION is an automotive haute couture house that makes, by hand, vehicles tailored for gentlemen drivers. Our vehicles, made and assembled in France, combine exceptional expertise in motorsport and luxury. Much more than a car, our desire is to offer our customers a unique experience! With a breakthrough and uncompromising design, VISION cars are developed in collaboration with French experts and a professional driver of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The interior of the vehicle is a real showcase, designed to the measure of its owner. In a world where hypercars race for numbers and excessive powers, VISION chooses racing with pure emotions and sensations. Finally, our creations push the limits of the automotive experience by challenging their daring owners …

1789, A revolution
Our first creation, 1789, is a revolution! An iconic model that crystallizes French know-how in motorsport and luxury. VISION 1789 is a two-seater vehicle which draws its inspiration from the 24 Hours of Le Mans prototypes and takes up its driving position in order to immerse the driver and his passenger in the extreme world of motor racing. 1789 is a real prototype in an evening dress. Under its sleek body is an engine specially developed for endurance as well as a flat bottom generating strong aerodynamic support. Everything has been designed to provide unique sensations to pilots; the steering wheel, the central part of the machine, has been designed to enhance driving.


photos crédits : David Lord Photography