With the Jannarelly Design-1 model, Anthony Jannarelly, the designer and co-founder with Frederic Juillot, had in mind to create a track ready, lightweight and involving 2-seater roadster, which would relate to Steve McQueen’s lifestyle of the 60’s and the free spirit of the golden age of sports car.

Anthony Jannarelly explains:

“We’re moving from a phase of car ownership to car rental and leasing, where mass production vehicles are shifting to autonomous and electric technology. What will remain then for car enthusiasts are dream cars: cars you’ll use on the weekend, cars you’ll love for the emotions they fill you with.Jannarelly Automotive stands on this future trends. The typical car enthusiast of the next decade will own or share an autonomous vehicle for his efficient daily commute. A Jannarelly retrofuturistic sportscar will wait for him in its garage to keep his passion alive.”

The Design-1 is available in France through the distributor Marcassus Sport. Jannarelly Automotive is a very exclusive brand with a production limited to maximum 200 cars per year.

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Exhibitors 2018