Laurent-Perrier is an independent family business that has been built around 4 strong convictions. These 4 convictions make Laurent-Perrier, through its Cuvées, very different from other Champagne Houses.

The blend, not the vintage
Blending is the true quality secret of Champagne.  Thus, Laurent-Perrier is the only House whose most prestigious and demanding Cuvée, Grand Siècle, is not vintage but numbered. It is the blend of 3 exceptional vintages to recreate the perfect year.

A unique and distinctive style: freshness, elegance, purity…
These characteristics are present in each of the Laurent-Perrier Cuvées, always marked by exceptional aromatic complexity, fullness and length on the palate.

The Chardonnay
Chardonnay is the majority grape variety in all the wines of the House, with the exception of Cuvée Rosé and Alexandra Rosé. The Chardonnay grape variety brings the freshness, finesse and elegance sought after to the blends and makes the Laurent-Perrier style so distinct from the other Houses.

Innovation is essential to the quality of the wines.
Innovation has allowed Laurent-Perrier to be the first to create breakthrough cuvées, successively Grand Siècle, a blend cuvée, Cuvée Rosé, a macerated rosé, Ultra Brut, even though the category did not exist, and lately Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature, a non-measured champagne. All these Cuvées are innovations in the world of champagne.


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