Winner Grand Prize
Créativ’ Expérience


The Morphoz concept car represents the Renault Group’s vision of electric, personal and shareable mobility.
Morphoz adapts to all uses and prefigures a new family of futuristic, ingenious and autonomous electric models.
It is the intelligent, modular concept car that adapts to all uses to push back the limits of electric mobility.


A modular vehicle that adapts to your needs
Beyond its modular interior, Morphoz can be physically transformed to offer you what you need, according to your use. Rather city dweller? Opt for the “City” version. A longer journey? Switch to “Travel” mode.


An electric character that asserts its personality
Induction recharging, mirrors replaced by HD digital cameras and Renault’s emblematic C-Shape lighting are all symbols of Morphoz’s electric and sustainable power.

Under its crossover look, Morphoz mixes styles with lines that are both taut and sensual. Thanks to its retractable dashboard, tilting passenger seat and sliding rear seats, the passenger compartment is completely adaptable.


City Mode
Morphoz is endowed with a pronounced look underlined by a specific light signature, which gives it its own style. It is marked by a short bonnet and a rear bumper folded down to limit overhang and facilitate parking and traffic in town.

In addition to its 400-km range, Morphoz has the ability and versatility to perfectly meet urban needs. Morphoz City Mode symbolizes the agility of the electric city vehicle.


Travel Mode
Equipped with the Travel Extender, Morphoz allows you to take on board 50kWh of extra batteries and to cope with long distances thanks to its 700 km range. With its specific frontal identity, a more streamlined profile and bow, its aerodynamics are optimised.

In the long version MORPHOZ offers more legroom for passengers and room for extra luggage. On board, everything revolves around the human factor and interactions between people.


A vehicle at the heart of several shared ecosystems: a real “car to live in” …
On board, passengers enjoy a spacious and warm interior. A friendly atmosphere reigns in a space that encourages sharing and exchange between passengers. The atmosphere is benevolent and serene thanks to the artificial intelligence that welcomes the driver and acts as a proactive virtual assistant, listening to your requests.

When the “Share” mode is activated, the front passenger seat swivels backwards, and all passengers are reunited as if they were in their living room. Artificial intelligence suggests playlists or offers to compete on video games to encourage interaction between passengers.


… in the service of sustainable and shared mobility
The Morphoz concept car supports the Renault Group’s commitment to accompany the mobility revolution, to meet the challenges of the city of tomorrow and to raise the notion of sharing to the rank of a fundamental pillar.

Thanks to the dual use of the “Travel Extender” batteries, MORPHOZ fits perfectly into this context. When they are not used for driving, they can be used to power household or even neighbourhood equipment, or can be made available at a station to be used by other vehicles. Perfectly integrated into the Smart Cities ecosystem, MORPHOZ circulates in complete safety and harmony with other users, drivers or pedestrians.


exhibitors 2021