Revealed in September 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, SYMBIOZ offers a vision of autonomous, electric and connected vehicles circa 2030.

Imagined as an extension of the home, the vehicle was designed in parallel with a house thus creating a total ecosystem. KWh are managed by a shared network between the vehicle and the home, in an artificial intelligence environment that anticipates the users’ needs. SYMBIOZ can also enter the house to become an extra room and modular, in the form of useful space – mobile and connected.

While on the road, SYMBIOZ offers its occupants a generous interior thanks to a propulsion-type architecture with two electric motors located on the rear axle, and the batteries housed beneath the floor. The combination of a retractable dashboard and swiveling front seats fosters a flexible environment for ‘Mind Off’ autonomous driving (1).

In this mode, the driver can easily relax and chat, read or enjoy full access to his personal digital environment. Customization technology also enables automatic occupant detection to configure seating, music and other items related to the digital life of passengers.

The fruit of an exploratory work on the mobility of the future, SYMBIOZ offers an interactive and personalized space, which connects its occupants to other vehicles, people and objects that surround it. It proposes a new way of living the movements, in full harmony with its environment.

(1) The fourth level of autonomous driving defined by SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers). Level 4 frees the driver from dynamic driving tasks in the autonomous driving system is on.

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