Human Horizons HiPhiX

Human Horizons HiPhiX

Presented at the Beijing Motor Show in 2020.
Unique of its kind, it announces a new generation of intelligent vehicles, by a Chinese manufacturer.
100% electric motorisation. It is based on the HiPhi 1 concept.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, it redraws the boundaries between high technology and luxury to create a new market segment: TECHLUXE.

The overall design oscillates between déjà vu and audacity.


It is the first production vehicle to be equipped with a 5G/V2X network for dialogue with road infrastructures, but also with all compatible protocols such as Vehicle to Vehicle or Vehicle to Grid.

Equipped with artificial intelligence based on 562 sensors.

The unique design of the hinged doors, or “NT”, are contactless and open independently of each other via mobile application or facial recognition.

Drivers are greeted by a “HiPhiGo” emotional assistant, developed with Microsoft, and a TouchPad multifunction steering wheel with controls and a touchpad.
According to the founder, the HiPhi X is designed for pioneers: those seeking the freedom to create and explore new things.


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