HYUNDAI Prophecy

HYUNDAI Prophecy

Reflecting Hyundai’s design philosophy of “Sensuous Sportiness”, Prophecy follows in the footsteps of “45”, an extraordinary electric concept car presented last year which, with its angular lines and minimalist structure, was devoid of any complexity.


Prophecy offers an emblematic silhouette with perfect proportions inspired by an aerodynamic design. With its extended wheelbase and reduced overhang, the designers have created the “Ultimate Automotive Form” so dear to the brand, thanks to a new electric architecture marked by pure surfaces and volume, in symbiosis with harmonious aesthetics and impeccable functionality.

The exterior of the Prophecy, a hymn to “Sensuous Sportiness”.
Hyundai’s design philosophy – “Sensuous Sportiness” – is clearly evident in the voluptuous side lines, with a design reminiscent of a stone eroded by the elements. These same side lines are intersected by a simple “One Curve” line that runs from front to back with minimalist restraint: all aesthetic choices that underline the timelessness of Prophecy’s design. The rear wings create a dynamic “boat tail” line for elegant aerodynamic continuity. The silhouette seems to be in constant motion, even when the vehicle is stationary.


High-performance aerodynamics
The design offers excellent aerodynamics – an essential quality of electric vehicles. This is elegantly illustrated by the helical shape of the rims, which allow air to be sucked in and flow along the underbody. To accentuate this aerodynamic effect, the rear spoiler exploits the supporting force to increase the vehicle’s stability at high speeds.

The transparency of acrylic
The transparent acrylic makes it possible to clearly distinguish the internal functional organs. As a true design element, the material integrates aesthetically with the rear spoiler, front lights and surveillance cameras of the CMS system.


The interior of the Prophecy takes advantage of its electric platform.
A tour of Prophecy’s interior is enough to understand the interest of a full-length cabin on an electric platform. Unlike a conventional vehicle, Prophecy offers a warm lifestyle interior with a focus on refinement and comfort, while the concept car also features a strong emphasis on autonomous driving technologies. The steering wheel has been replaced by joysticks that provide a completely new yet familiar, reassuring and intuitive driving experience. Placed respectively in the centre console and in the door trim, they allow the driver to steer the vehicle in maximum comfort. The driver also has the option of using a whole range of functions by simply selecting the buttons integrated into the joysticks. Finally, the man-machine interface enhances occupant safety.


A spacious interior
Favoured by the adoption of joysticks, the stylistic evolution guarantees greater visual freedom for the occupants. In Relax mode, there are virtually no obstacles to obstruct passengers’ vision. When the backrest is comfortably reclined, passengers only see the full width display and the wing-shaped dashboard. In this same mode, the dashboard swivels to provide a spacious interior space, while the seats recline to allow passengers to fully enjoy the content displayed on the screen.


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