Qoros Milestone

Qoros Milestone

Sedan concept presented at the Beijing Motor Show in 2020.
It was designed to appeal to the Z generation.
100% electric motorization.

The overall design is angular but blends clean design lines and smooth curves.
At the front, lights at the four corners, a bright Qoros logo, a long hood and a sloping coupe-style roof line.

Equipped with large aerodynamic wheels and cameras replacing side mirrors.
On the outside, the sliding doors are futuristic: activated by gesture-controlled handles with motion sensors, the doors extend and slide over the front fenders.

Inside, the sliding front seats can be moved to their full extent if the rear seats are closed to increase cabin space and transform the four-door concept into a two-seater when driving in autonomous mode.

At the touch of a button on the retractable steering wheel, the windshield transforms into a giant screen. This new high-tech system is controlled by a removable steering wheel-mounted remote control to entertain passengers during autonomous driving.


exhibitors 2021, Exposants 2021