Renault EZ-1

Renault EZ-1

The EZ-1 prototype is inspired by the Twizy in its lines. It can carry two people offset, in 2.3 m long and a minimized footprint. Wheels are on all four corners to maximize interior space.

It retains the Twizy’s swivel door system, but closed. A space behind the seats should allow a bit of room to carry, but no outside access to this trunk.
It is made with 50% recycled materials and, most importantly, it offers a battery exchange system.

It promises to be a new urban mobility solution designed for shared use. Its commercialization also promises to be innovative: its users will only pay for what they use, based on time or mileage. Connected, the vehicle offers keyless access and interacts with its users via their smartphone.


exhibitors 2021, Exposants 2021