RENAULT Megane E-Vision

RENAULT Megane E-Vision

MEGANE eVISION Showcar is equipped with a futuristic electric platform…
As a pioneer in electric vehicles, Renault has surpassed itself by launching the CMF-EV platform (“CMF” for Common Module Family and “EV” for Electric Vehicles).

This new modular electric platform focuses above all on boldness, emotion and performance. It pushes the limits and raises the bar even higher in terms of energy efficiency thanks to numerous improvements and innovations.

… for greater dynamism …
MEGANE eVISION Showcar plays with traditional codes! Its length offers its passengers a passenger compartment and usage capacities worthy of a C-segment vehicle – traditionally 15 to 30cm longer – while facilitating traffic in urban environments.
Thanks to the new CMF-EV platform, Renault’s future electric vehicles will offer greater modularity and habitability, without the need for higher or longer seats.

… and an outstanding autonomy.
MEGANE eVISION Showcar achieves the feat of housing a battery that allows it to be as dynamic as a sedan, while maintaining compact exterior dimensions. It thus frees itself from traditional categories and promises to lift the brakes that prevent it from going electric.
Its secret? An ultra-thin 60kWh battery that allows the car to be lower and therefore more aerodynamic. This significantly reduces its power consumption and increases its range.

With its bold new proportions and features combining sensuality, technicality and aerodynamics, MEGANE eVISION Showcar embodies the evolution of Renault design.
Sensuality: The car’s silhouette can be seen in the distance and its luminous signature, driven by LINVINGTECH technological innovations, arouses curiosity. As you move towards the car, the surfaces are outlined and new lines of light bring its contours to life.
Technicality: The show car’s details reflect the electrical and technological content of MEGANE eVISION Showcar. The idea of “flush” or “smooth surface”, reinforced by the choice of door handles that fade into the side of the car when not in use, hints at the spirit of Renault’s new generation of electric vehicles.
Aerodynamics: Like MORPHOZ Concept, MEGANE eVISION Showcar is equipped with large wheels. Their exterior part is closed as much as possible and aligned with the bodywork to reinforce its aerodynamic lines and achieve greater efficiency.


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