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The winners of the 34th edition (2019)

Interior design : « Just be happy ! »

Driving along in your own car has always been an enjoyable stressless experience. With time, driving experience has become for many a nightmare: traffic jams, restrictions, stress, parking problems, automated traffic fines, etc.

The automobile, which has become necessary for millions of users, is also a source of financial constraints and sacrifices.

The autonomous shared vehicle will certainly bring a lot of peace of mind to its users who may be able to rediscover happiness and smile again! Imagine, sketch, design a vehicle interior which inspires joy of life giving back a smile.This softness and lightness should be seen on the style, materials, lighting but also through human relations (interactions with the co-occupant and / or other vehicles, etc.). We expect in this project a lot of creativity and expect you to work on a complete interior  layout but also on the use of the vehicle where the user will be at the center of his happy mobility experiences, just be happy!

Thibaud Porcherot, Yohan Benchetrit et Thomas Busson


Exterior design : « Praise for sloweness »

Speed ​​variations and “stops and starts” strongly influence energy consumption. A constant speed of vehicles would ensure very important savings.Autonomous and therefore self-regulated vehicles will perfectly match traffic flow.

Imagine, sketch, design a vehicle which will no longer be designed to evolve at high speed. The reduction of the speed would allow strong simplifications of the vehicles (soundproofing, resistance to shocks, etc.).

How would a car designed for low speeds look like? Could we imagine hopping  into a vehicle while driving as we used to do with city buses?

Simon Kafman

Hop On

The winners of the 33rd edition (2018)

Exterior design : « Chameleon »

Imagine and design a vehicle at ease anywhere, all times which could adapt itself automatically, by instinct… In this brief, one can of course draw inspiration from nature and wildlife. It will be nevertheless important to avoid too much caricature such as a “transformers toy” with redundant features and complex mechanisms. We are expecting in this specific brief a high level of imagination and you can think the future in several decades. User’s experience presentation and storyboards describing all the sequences of metamorphose will be mandatory. At last, the quality of the graphic layout of the presentation boards will be very important in this futuristic subject.

Ecole IAAD (Italie)

I leaf

Interior design : « Zero gravity »

Let’s imagine a “zero gravity” ground vehicle interior! Imagine and design a complete vehicle interior without gravity. This futuristic study will need to be focused on user’s experiences: driving, passengers sitting layout, etc. Please do not focus so much on the technical aspects of the zero gravity cell. This brief allows you a lot of freedom in terms of dimensions but remember that user’s experience must be your main concern.y.

STRATE, Ecole de Design – Paris


The winners of the 32nd edition (2017)

Interior design : Sens awakening

Imagine, draw a vehicle interior that awakens all human senses while providing well-being to users. Go further in the awakening of the senses than what we can find today:
-Touch nice material
-His high fidelity car radio
-Pretty leather smell.
It is the experience of sens awakening and the well-being of the users in a cabin of an autonomous vehicle which will have to prevail.

Ecole FH Joanneum (Autriche)

Exterior design : Raw beauty

Imagine, draw a concept car (you can even delete the concept of “bodywork”) in its purest definition, “frugal” devoid of any ornament, decoration of the purest. New materials or new implementations of known materials open new perspectives in terms of opacity including allowing to imagine new bodies for example.
The goal will be to draw a pure, frugal, elegant, natural and timeless body.

Ecole IAAD (Italie)


The winners of the 31st edition (2016)

Interior design : Tailor tech

Imagine a futuristic car interior Taylor Made. Imagine a unique association combining luxury, technology, know-how and in an always tasteful manner to design vehicle interiors of the future… New alliances between car manufacturers, luxury industry, high fashion houses could give rise to innovative, creative and even unique passenger compartments.
Refinement, elegance, tradition, subtlety, know-how are the key words that will lead your project.

Strate, Ecole de Design (France)


Exterior design : Haute couture !

Modern cars, even in the upper range, in a « fashion » way of seeing things  would be closer to ready-made clothing than Haute Couture.
Global growth of very high end and luxury markets could open new opportunities to extreme personalization of car bodies, far beyond simply a color choice. Which materials, manufacturing processes, assembly, sewing could be imagined to manufacture the exteriors of these top end cars ?
Making or garment manufacturing in very small series or even of a one shot could give freedom to artists or designers to express their boundless creativity. No technical constraint should restrain you here, it is truly the expression of an unbridled creativity but always elegant which will be your guide line…

Stiglitz State Academy of Art and Design – St Petersburg

The winners of the 30th edition (2015)

Interior design : Pleasure of travelling in 2030

Imagine a journey experience in 2030. Cars since the very early days have always been a symbol of freedom and autonomy. Thanks to individual automobiles, millions of people around the world have shared mobility experiences (traveling, going on holidays, for a short or a long journey, etc.). Taking into account all aspects of modern environment (connectivity, speed limits, etc.), imagine how people will be traveling in individual vehicles tomorrow… Overall illustrations of the interior will be required as well as details of seats, dashboard, door panels, clusters, etc. User’s experiences and innovation must be the guidelines of all projects.

Strate, Ecole de Design (France)

Design extérieur : Invisible technology for enjoyable driving experiences

How can innovative technologies create new ENJOYABLE mobility driving Experiences in terms of pleasure, safety, ecology, and ethic ? Can new technologies when invisible and non intrusive still be perceived by the driver but also the users as a new realm of value to the experience ? The “invisible” aspect does not mean technology is absent, how can human senses perceive it? How technology when disappearing can enhance it ? In the projects, it will be important to develop innovative solutions in terms of vehicle architecture and illustrate them in an engaging way (ghost views, exploded views and/or 3D, etc.).

Pforzheim Univercity (Allemagne)

The winners of the 29th edition (2014)

Design : Driving pleasure 2.0

In an ever growing population world where energy becomes every day more expensive and increasingly rare, how could the BMW brand position itself ? Taking into account that the brand has built through time its reputation much based on the use of technology, performance and driving pleasure, how could BMW develop a new generation of “pleasure” vehicles that would convey feeling and emotion to its driver and passengers and at the same time respecting environment… How could new technologies be used taking into consideration that the traditional car architecture (combustion engine / manual transmission) will certainly very soon disappear ?

Royal Art College (Royaume-Uni)

The winners of the 28th edition (2013)


Creation of a new price. The International Automobile Festival wishes to reward a young talent within a school of design. Anne Asensio, head of design at Dassault Systèmes and member of the jury, did the preselection of the best projects of the French schools for this first year. In the future, this Grand Prix will be open to international schools.

Strate, Ecole de Design (France)