FERRARI Portofino M

FERRARI Portofino M

The Ferrari Portofino M, whose name is attached to the letter M of Modificata (modified), is the evolution of the Ferrari Portofino. The Spider GT 2+ of the Prancing Horse is full of technical and design innovations. On board the Ferrari Portofino M, every journey is a (re)discovery.


The car’s double soul is particularly visible on the outside, where the front, sides and rear are part of a single sculpture, and in the interior, whose overall design of volumes and treatments establishes a language that is in harmony with the great tradition of Ferrari GTs.

Intense dynamism
The lines of the bumper, in line with the design of the side and revealing a harmonious side view, highlight the improved aerodynamic performance of the Ferrari Portofino M. The bumper, accentuated by a dynamic profile, completes the characteristic curvature of the Portofino.

Optimal comfort in all circumstances
A specific study was carried out for the design of the seats of the Ferrari Portofino M made with an innovative magnesium frame. The differentiated density upholstery and the compact profile of the backrest created space for the rear seats. Moreover, the plan view of the passenger compartment underlines their improved habitability. The 3-stage ventilation function for the seat and backrest as well as the neckband for use in winter are now available. The system constantly and proportionally adapts the speed of the air exiting the headrest to the speed of the car, the outside temperature and the condition of the sunroof.

Five modes for endless emotions
The role of the five-position Manettino, an absolute novelty for the Prancing Horse GT Spiders, is to improve handling and traction through the integration of the Race driving mode. This position, assisted by the Ferari Dynamic Enhancer, is mainly aimed at maximising the pleasure of driving the car.

A new 8-speed gearbox
The all-new 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox is based on a wet architecture. The clutch assembly dimensions are reduced by 20% and the transmitted torque has increased by 35%. The software strategies have been further developed with a more powerful control unit. The integration of the 8th gear and the increased efficiency of the transmission have resulted in reduced fuel consumption in city and highway driving and a noticeable improvement in performance.


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